anna coulling spread betting guideHello and welcome to another of my trading and investing sites where I propose to explain some of the spread betting strategies that I use myself every day and which I hope you may find interesting and perhaps sufficiently different to use in your own trading. As you will see, they are not particularly complicated or complex, but do require a little effort and research in order to execute these strategies correctly, but this is a small price to pay in my view in order to develop a winning spread betting strategy. So I hope you find this site both helpful and informative, and even thought provoking, and that the financial spread betting strategies outlined here will give you some ideas of your own, and perhaps make you think a little bit more about how to develop a more advanced spread betting strategy of your own.

As I’m sure many of my regular readers will know, I am a full time trader and investor myself, having been involved in the trading world for over 15 years, and I now trade and increasingly write about the markets with my various financial blogs and newsletters, all of which you can find from any of the sites listed below. I learnt the hard way, making many mistakes, but fortunately learning all the time, and now have the luxury to live and work where I choose ( which at the moment is in Italy). Many of these sites are updated daily with both market forecasts and analysis generally from a technical perspective, although I do of course discuss the broader fundamental picture which sets the tone for the financial markets on a daily basis, so I would be delighted to welcome you to my increasingly global readership. Alternatively I do tweet regularly with forecasts and updates, so again if you would like to follow my trading advice and analysis I would be delighted if you followed me on Twitter.

The spread betting strategies that I have described here are ones I use myself, almost every day. They are both simple and straightforward to understand and implement, but please remember  that they have been developed for my own trading personality and to meet my own spread trading objectives, so you may need to modify them for your own purposes and trading style, but as I said earlier, I hope that they at least create some ‘food for thought’ They are neither unique, nor are they revolutionary, but by following these strategies you will avoid some of the common mistakes many traders involved in spread betting make, day in and day out, never taking time to learn the basics or prepared to put in the effort to learn or change their trading methods. Spread betting is one of the easiest trading methods to lose money – simple to start, easy to bet on both falling and rising markets, and child’s play to lose your trading capital, and a great deal more, very quickly.

Finally, when developing this site I was going to entitle it “winning spread betting strategies”, which implies that these strategies will always win – they won’t, and nor are they a short cut to quick profits. What they will give you however, is a safe and studied way to approach your spread betting, whether you are using day trading strategies or a longer term trend trading approach to the markets. Indeed all the spread betting strategies I discuss here can be adapted for different timescales and different trading instruments, nor are they unique to spread betting. However, the reason I feel they are more relevant to the spread betting market, is that so many traders involved in it, are either novices or relatively new to trading in the financial markets, and it is generally accepted that over 95% of new accounts fall to zero or below in the first few weeks of being opened. Using these trading strategies will, I hope, at least give you time to learn and develop your own approach to trading, whilst keeping your trading capital relatively secure in the early days while you build up your experience in financial spread betting.